Fundraising is important for more reasons than you might think

Fundraising plays a major role in improving the school community. Often, additional funding is needed to pay for extra programs, equipment and the latest technology. Students, parents and teachers often come together to organize everything from auctions and car washes to bake sales and barbecues. But the benefits of fundraising stretch beyond being able to enhance school services and activities.

Fundraising helps build a school community

Joining a fundraising committee brings parents together, helping them get to know members of the school community. Working together to organize and plan events, set goals, and make each initiative a success increases team building, establishes partnerships and creates a sense of belonging and pride that extends to the whole school environment. It’s also a great way to make friends, have fun and feel good about their ability to make a positive impact.

Fundraising teaches kids important skills

It’s not easy to ask for money, work as a team, participate in a talent show or sell cookies to raise funds. These skills have to be learned and developed. What better way to teach kids how to work together, develop organizational skills, overcome their fears, and learn to make a pitch in support of a good cause.

By having the opportunity to participate in a variety of fundraising experiences, they learn about sales and marketing, develop math skills, social skills, how to compromise, lead, and be part of a team. Not everything can be taught in a classroom; some things can be best taught outside of it.

Fundraising helps students and their families feel empowered

It’s hard for any single individual to make a big impact on their own. But when you come together with others who have the same goals, the sky’s the limit. Some students might have creative ideas, while others are better at organizing or implementing the ideas. Others might just want to participate in the event or make a donation.

When a community combines their collective skills, it’s amazing what can be achieved. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the feeling of empowerment these opportunities present to parents and their children. Knowing they played a role to help accomplish a goal builds self-esteem and offers a sense of satisfaction from having accomplished a goal.

Fundraising teaches kids to help others

Young kids are often focused on themselves. It’s not a bad thing, but rather a normal part of child development. As they get older, they realize there is a larger world out there, and if we nurture this caring instinct, they become more civic minded and charitable. They will learn to feel responsible for helping those in need. Fundraising is a great way to help kids develop their sense of community and teaches them how great it feels to help others.

By helping raise money to support a lunch program for classmates who can’t afford food or donating gifts for sick kids during the holidays, for instance, they learn the importance of charity. The good news is that kids who learn to help others from a young age are more likely to grow up wanting to help others as adults. As well, kids who benefit from the fundraising efforts or kindness of others learn there’s a community who cares about them.

Fundraising helps ensure a better environment for future students

Traditional sources of funding alone can’t provide all the money necessary to keep every school up-to-date with technology, programming and other special initiatives. By raising funds, the community comes together to build a better environment for current students as well as the students who come next. They can all benefit from a safer playground, for instance, new portables for an expanding student population, or new equipment for gym class.
Fundraising doesn’t just benefit current students, but it helps put in place a better school environment for future students, too.